Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006 - Ah, Oh, Yeah, Whoa

Ah, as I crawl out of my holiday bliss and into sobriety I take a moment to reflect on the beauty of a day filled with egg nog, peppermint mocha lattes - coffee less of course (and sans any other ingredient that wasn't of an alcohol base), wine, Guinness (it's not just for March you know) and tea.

Oh, the magic of passing out early enough that you wake up in time to go trick or treating...
What's that you say "There's no trick or treating on Christmas!"
How odd, that's exactly what the people in our neighborhood kept saying.

Didn't stop them from giving us the candy we wanted though.

Yeah, the thrill of antiseptic on our fingers as we bandage them from the wounds they incurred at the wrath of our $6.99 full size artificial Christmas tree that requires each and every branch, covered in razor sharp fiberglass and poked full of loose binding wire, to be fondled with extreme care to achieve a life like semblance of outside - inside. (Actually it does look quite good after all that work!)

Whoa, to the empty tree bottom as all presents were purchased online this year and due sometime before next year.

Merry Christmas (insert and or substitute any other holiday that you might prefer) everybody!