Friday, December 30, 2005

Comic Name Here: I'm a Lazy Bastard!

Well, that about sums up my introduction. Not really much more to say about me than that, but I might as well try.

The first thing I say when presented with an idea or project is "How can I make that easier to do?" or sometimes when I'm really in the zone it comes out "Hrmph." Lazy, you'll find that particular motivation has left its fingerprints all over anything I do.

I consider myself to be a storyteller. I'd like to consider myself a writer but until I actually succeed in being paid for it I'm just a storyteller. I tell good stories. I just have a hard time making one into a complete book, movie, or what not. I could tell you a whole story over a nice pot of tea (or a bus ride) and you'd probably be entertained through most of it. It would help that I serve good tea, of course.

But stories told and stories written have very different needs that must be met, and there in lies the challenge... continued in a very long post at "Comic Name Here"