Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How about a quick quiz?

Thatwas, Just A Few Questions...

Do you feel that people think you're a bit obsessive, perhaps a bit compulsive?

1. Do you always dot every "i" and cross every "t"?

2. How about every "L" and "1" just in case?

3. Do you use "i" instead of "I" just so you can do this?

4. While you're heating up a jar of pasta sauce do you ever consider plucking out all the nasty low grade tomatoes and replacing them with some freshly chopped ones?

5. Do you often wonder if you could get more work done if they made mouses that didn't have such fun buttons to click?

6. Why don't we have anything that requires a triple click?

7. While playing the Da Vinci Code Quest, around 10 days in did you start wondering why a search company would call using their service "Puzzle Solving" and then have you search for things that wouldn't come up right away when you typed in the question? You'd think they'd know the answer right?

8. 16 days in did you start using other search engines?

9, Did you notice I used a comma after the number of this question and wonder if it was a clue?

10. Do you keep a running average of how well you did on tests like this?

11. Will it bother you if I don't analyze your answers for you?

12. Quick someone get a Rubik's Cube.

Essay Portion:

You only have three words to change the world. Oh, and a time machine. Maybe a hand gesture / facial expression, OK, yeah, you get to use a gesture or expressive face as well.