Monday, October 02, 2006

From Creating Hardworking Idiots has a rather interesting article that helped to put into perspective something I've always thought. It's OK to be lazy if your clever. In fact it's better to be a little lazy than to be hardworking and smart. If you've ever had any job what so ever, or even walked through a place where people are working, you've come across the annoying manager that wants you to push the rock up the hill all day even though it will do no one any good to have a hilltop full of rocks. That's the hard working but not too bright manager that tends to make more work than needs to be done mostly so everyone is working hard, the advice for them "GET RID OF THEM!" Oh, and it mentions the not too bright but lazy ones as not worth bothering to get rid of.

Me? I'm a proud lazy person who gets the job done by using my brain. "That hill? DY-NO MITE IT! Guess I can let this rock sit here, eh?"

While I've been a frequent reader of for a while this particular post brought to light another great web site that I had yet to see but fits in wonderfully with my beliefs on management and leadership. Do it right and it will make your life easier. Doing it right does not mean doing it more / faster / longer / harder. It's called and after giving it a quick look through I could see that the post have gotten better over time and that they were pretty good to start with. It looks like I'll be adding that to my list of pages to check back on often.

Please world try to understand "Work Smarter, Not Harder!"